Our Company

Veleria San Giorgio
is the oldest and well-known Italian company in the design and production of lifejackets.

This company confirms once again to be always at the forefront showing the new product range certified by RINA (Italian Naval Registry) in accordance with EN ISO 12402.

VSG had a lead role on the Italian nautical field from 1926 until today guaranteeing innovation and quality during all different steps of constant development of the market.
VSG begun manufacturing sails and waxed clothes for merchant ships in transit at Genoa port and then she begun to supply the Navy and considering the gradual mechanization of ships, she diversified the production realizing flags and lifejackets: this choice has been strategic in the 60's thanks to the pleasure craft devlopment.

From that moment VSG designed top safety articles with the highest standard of comfort. Innovation and research created more than 200 products certified by RINA, representing quality and safety guarantee and designed for the pleasure craft , the military (Coast Guard, Naval units of Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri, Police Force, Special units and Red Cross) and the merchant-professional fields (Costa Cruises, Grimaldi Line, Carnival Cruises etc.).

VSG had important sport experiences like the cooperation with America's Cup Teams and the exclusive cooperation with FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) as official supplier of safety equipment for sailing team during Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Special attention is always paid to inflatable lifejackets improvement, representing a distinctive market field for VSG and a real "mission", conscious that high quality and little volume are always more requested.

VSG has been the first company to homologate in the 1995 inflatable lifejackets for pleasure craft market and continued this course over the years designing and producing highly technical lifejackets for most demanding sailors, for sport fishermen and for people loving to wear customized or fashion clothes, thanks to a cooperation with Swarovski, optimizing the encumbrance creating pocket-lifejacket, belt-lifejacket, a range dedicated to professional and military Units like GAP model and floating bullet-proof liejackets. VGS deposited many Patents and Industrial Designs over the years.

In the last years VSG took care of the highest sea safety designing a collection of products for childrens.

The newest agreement concerning the exclusive design and production of safety equipment with the "1530 - Port Authorities - Coast Guard" brand, is a further confirmation of seriousness and knowledge. From this agreement will be designed a new collection of products dedicated to the pleasure craft market: a very innovative collection developed with the contribution of people that daily enjoy the sea.